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Hazel Jackson in Silver Spring Maryland

Visit Dr. Hazel E. Jackson at The Center for Integrative Acupuncture and Pain Management, where she uses a proven combination of nutritional therapy,  herbal supplements, and other natural remedies. Let us guide you along your individual path to restoring and maintaining optimal health. At The Center for Integrative Acupuncture and Pain Management, Dr. Jackson provides needle and needless acupuncture and non-traditional treatments for pain management. Alternative medicine options that are part of a comprehensive healing strategy, uniquely designed for your needs. Come experience healing naturally.

Excellence in Homeopathic Care

We serve patients throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. In a serene, inviting environment, we work with each patient to provide individualized solutions to address your needs.

The Center for Integrative Acupuncture and Pain Management  clinical staff have been in medicine since the 1980's, and since then have served thousands of patients across the United States. We are Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, and hold membership in the North American Association of Laser Therapy, and the International Foundation of Nutrition and Health.

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The Best in Holistic Medicine serving Washington, DC Areas at The Center for Integrative Acupuncture and Pain Management

Peaceful and
Comfortable Medical Office

Relax and renew your mind and body at our offices. Free parking, WiFi, and all appointments come with No Wait Time.

Highly Trained Practicioners and Clinicians

Each of our team members is trained in a special field of health and wellness, across the spectrum of natural rejuvenating therapies.

Personalized and Uniquely Designed Treatment Plan

Identify your unique health needs with our health assessment led by the Center's clinicians who provide therapeutic services, products, and education.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine  

Food and their ingredients have medical effects. We can use nutrition as therapy to provide the body with needed vitamins and many other natural supplements.

Medical Specialties That Help You Get Better, Not Just Feel Better

  • Bioenergetic evaluation
  • Whole food vitamins
  • Micro vibration therapy
  • Nutrition response testing
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Detoxification & Purification

Successfully Treated Thousands of Patients Over 20 Years

Shane Melaugh

"I only knew a small fraction of what I know now about the effects of sugar after meeting Dr. Jackson. I now have more energy, my digestion has improved, and I have been able to reduce my weight."

Owen White

Shane Melaugh

“I suffered from heartburn. Lunch time and especially dinner time was the worst. I would drink sodas to try and help and take Tums, Zantac, etc. to try and relieve the pain. Some nights I would wake up because I would vomit in my sleep. This caused one of my sisters’ best friend’s husband to die in his sleep because he aspirated vomit in his sleep. Recently, I was put on a special nutritional program and stress reduction program by Dr. Jackson. My heartburn quickly disappeared. My food is being digested properly, I am receiving more nutrients, and feeling less bloated and uncomfortable.”

Geraldine Gross

Shane Melaugh

“I wasn't sleeping through the night. Felt heaviness and hot lower legs at night. Constantly felt nervous and anxious. My nails and hair were brittle, with no body and falling out. Strange ridges in my nails. But now, I'm sleeping well, no lower leg symptoms, feeling very calm, and I have an even temperament. My hair is not falling out and has more body. Even my nails seem to be getting stronger."

Brian Badillo

Meet Dr. Hazel E. Jackson

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease".

Hazel Jackson in Silver Spring Maryland


Homeopathic Medicine Doctor

Dr. Hazel E. Jackson is a native Washingtonian who began her professional career as an educator and school psychologist. She entered medicine in the 1980’s, completed her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University and completed an Anesthesia residency and Pain Management fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland Ohio. She is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. In 1996 Dr. Jackson completed her first course in the UCLA School of Medical Acupuncture. Since that time, she has become Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Jackson took her acupuncture training to the next level. She studied Classical Five Element Acupuncture, a unique form of acupuncture that does NOT use formulas but instead treats the body holistically based on the determination of the underlying imbalance with which the patient presents. This is a special form of acupuncture that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and leaves the patient with reduced stress and increased clarity. Symptoms of illness reduce or resolve. As a member of the North American Association of Laser Therapy, Dr. Jackson enjoys integrating low level laser and other related “energy” forms of healing into her holistic practice. This gives patients the opportunity to have acupuncture points treated with effective needleless techniques. 

As a professional member of the International Foundation of Nutrition and Health, Dr. Jackson applies the same holistic and energetic principles of acupuncture to increasing the vitality, life force, quantity and quality of “energy” (aka “chi”) in her patients thru the use of whole food nutrition therapy.

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A Doctor You and Your Family Can Trust

Conveniently located just outside the beltway in Silver Spring, schedule time to visit Dr. Hazel E. Jackson at her wellness center. Receive non-invasive healing treatments with high success rates. Additionally, receive services in home. Ask about Dr. Jackson's "Wellness At-Home Program", currently being developed for her patients. This comprehensive program will provide a library of instructional videos on how to improve overall wellness, prevent disease, reduce pain, manage weight, and other important topics such as  smoking cessation.

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